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Usage Policy


  • Full Name Registration: Register your account with your full name to avoid future request rejections.
  • Single Use: Electronic coupons and gift cards can only be redeemed once.
  • Case Sensitivity: Electronic coupons and gift cards are case-sensitive. Enter the code exactly as shown.
  • Non-refundable Items: CD keys, gift cards, prepaid cards, or similar items obtained through a Card1U account or delivered via email or mobile message are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • User Responsibility: Card1U is not responsible for incorrect purchases resulting from negligence or incorrect information input. By purchasing any electronic voucher/gift card from the Card1U store, you acknowledge and absolve Card1U from any liability.
  • Product Accuracy: When requesting direct balance top-up services, you acknowledge your responsibility to carefully read the product description and verify the accuracy of the electronic goods you purchase.
  • Loss or Damage: After delivery, Card1U is not responsible for any loss or damage to electronic goods purchased through the Card1U store.
  • Suspicious Transactions: Purchase transactions will be executed if they are valid and not suspicious. Any transaction raising suspicion will be immediately suspended, with a full refund to the transferred account without contacting the customer. The customer’s membership may be suspended, and all relevant information will be forwarded to the electronic crimes department for legal procedures.
  • Refund Duration: Refunding the amount to the owner in case the order is not executed may take up to three weeks.
  • Email Communications: By registering on the website, you agree to receive messages containing offers and discounts for the products displayed on the site.
  • Email Consent: By making a purchase or sending an email, you agree to receive emails from us.
  • Policy Updates: Card1U reserves the right to make any modifications or changes to the website, including the policies and agreements associated with the website, such as the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions document. We recommend reviewing these periodically for updates.