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STC Recharge Card 100 SAR – KSA


STC Recharge Card 100 SAR. STC recharge cards are a quick and easy way to add credit to your STC prepaid mobile line. They are available in a variety of denominations and can be purchased from many locations.

Release Date:
April 20, 1998

STC Recharge Card 100 SAR: Enjoy Convenient Connectivity

Recharge your STC Sawa balance with ease and unlock a range of benefits for both local and international communication. Whether you’re making calls, sending SMS texts, or transferring your balance, STC provides a seamless experience.

Key Features:

  • Utilize the balance for local and international calls and SMS texts.
  • Flexibility to use the entire balance or transfer it to another number.
  • Exclusive offers for Saudi Telecom Company (STC) customers with Saudi SIM cards.

Redeeming Your Sawa Recharge Card:

Recharge your STC easily through multiple methods:

  1. Dial 155, enter your voucher number, press #, and make the call.
  2. Send an SMS to 900 with “Recharge number (space) 155.”
  3. Call 1500, select recharge, and input the recharge card code.
  4. Use the MySTC application for smart devices.
  5. Visit the Sawa website [].
  6. Access the Sawa recharge page [], enter your mobile number and code.

Recharging Monthly Sawa Packages:

To recharge monthly Sawa packages, press 755, enter your recharge card number, and press #, then call.

Recharging Sawa from Postpaid:

  1. Send a message to (900) containing (144).
  2. Enter the Sawa mobile number you want to recharge.
  3. Add (*) and type the amount value, then add (#).

Checking Sawa Balance:

Dial *166# to conveniently check your Sawa balance.

Stay connected, enjoy the best offers, and experience hassle-free recharging with STC Sawa.