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STC QuickNet 80GB + 80GB Streaming voucher 2 Month – KSA


STC QuickNet 80GB + 80GB Streaming – STC QuickNet are prepaid plans offered by STC to its customers, and they vary in size and price to meet the needs of different users.

Release Date:
April 20, 1998

About STC QuickNet 80GB + 80GB Streaming.
STC QuickNet: Tailored Prepaid Plans for Your Needs

Discover the versatility of STC QuickNet, meticulously crafted by Saudi Telecom Company (STC) to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. These prepaid plans encompass a range of features, including local and international calls, text messages, and data.

Key Features:

  • Variety in Size and Price: STC QuickNet come in different sizes and price points, ensuring suitability for various user requirements.
  • Basic Plans: Ideal for essential communication needs, basic STC QuickNet offer limited calls and text messages.
  • Advanced Plans: For a more comprehensive experience, advanced STC Sawa plans provide additional data and discounted rates on calls and text messages.

Redeeming STC QuickNet Cards:

Unlock the benefits of STC QuickNet with a simple redemption process:

  1. Dial 755Voucher Number# and press dial.

Choose the STC QuickNet that aligns with your communication preferences, and enjoy seamless connectivity with the convenience of prepaid plans.