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Razer Gold Card 100$ – Global Accounts


Razer Gold Card Global.
Razer gift cards offer virtual currency for 2000+ games and apps, including popular titles like PUBG and Crossfire. With various packages and prices, they suit all players. Order, get an instant code, and recharge for instant gaming enjoyment. Fun is just a few steps away!

Release Date:
January 1, 1998

About Razer Gold Card Global.

Razer Gift Cards, powered by Razer, stand as versatile virtual currency purchase cards crafted to elevate your entertainment experience. Supporting over 2000 games, including popular titles like PUBG and Crossfire, as well as applications such as Twitch and BIGO Live, Razer Cards offer a comprehensive gaming and entertainment package.

In addition to this, Razer Cards are available in various packages with different prices, ensuring they cater to the diverse needs of all players. Whether you’re an occasional gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, there’s a package suitable for you. Furthermore, elevate your gaming experience and access exclusive features with the Razer Card.

To facilitate a seamless gaming journey and unlock application subscriptions, the Razer Card is your go-to solution. Simply place an order, purchase the card, and receive an instant code to swiftly charge your account. Consequently, fun is just one step away with Razer Gift Cards.

How to Redeem a Razer Card:

  1. Firstly, log in to
  2. Next, access your Razer Gold account using your Razer email and password.
  3. Navigate to Gold > Reload now in the top menu and select Razer Gold PIN.
  4. Enter the card code received and press NEXT.
  5. Following that, input the verification code sent to your phone and press Confirm.
  6. If you haven’t registered your number previously, complete the process by pressing “Set Up TFA.”
  7. Proceed by entering the verification code received via email.
  8. Conclude the process by receiving a confirmation message indicating the successful shipment of the code, with a receipt sent to your email.

Experience a hassle-free redemption process with these straightforward steps. Not only will you elevate your gaming adventure, but the fun is just a click away!